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A 32.6% profit increase with a simple hack: A case study

Chi-Ka is a luxury womenswear brand located in Dubai.

Back in Sep 2023, Chi-Ka had sales coming in through their regular ads with regular creatives that they used to boost through Instagram.

Fast forward to Jan 2024, we managed to achieve:

  • 32.6% increase in the sales

  • 28% increase in orders

  • 44% increase in website visits

  • And 286,104 AED in sales.

This is a case study of how we achieved that.



Chi-Ka: A Luxury Fashion Brand in Dubai

The brand has some of the most beautiful Abayas, Kimonos, and Kaftans styles. The entire brand of Chi-Ka is a reflection of quality and comfort. The brand is quickly moving up and gaining popularity across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of Middle Eastern countries.


Getting More Sales

The only problem with most luxury fashion brands is that they get a lot of eyeballs but not a lot of people open their wallets to them - most because of the costs. Chi-Ka is a brand that relies on the quality of material and the hard work of its craftsmen, which is why most of their items average at a price of over 2500 AED ~ roughly about $650 per article.


Performance Marketing

Chi-Ka was already running performance marketing campaigns. However, these campaigns were mostly by boosting social media posts across Instagram.

And the results through posting posts were fairly okay...

There was a lot of room for improvement.

So first of all, we moved all the campaigns to Facebook Ads Manager.

Secondly, we started creating dedicated new campaigns & new designs with the help of our creative team and sent people to dedicated product pages.

After running multiple campaigns for a period of 3 months straight, we had progress.

Here's a report:


Performance Marketing

In just 3 months, we were able to reach good numbers and bring in good revenue.

All because of optimization, creativity, and experimenting non-stop.

So how did we do it?

  • Consistency - We keep running new ads almost every week with fresh and attractive content.

  • Patience - The initial months were nerve-wracking. We were growing slowly but we moved with confidence.

  • Creativity - We have an in-house design team that helped us tweak our approach from time to time till we got it exactly right.

As our cherry on top, we received consistent feedback from the Chi-Ka team, giving us the directions we needed.

And we finally hit our ideal benchmarks. We currently have planned to double these numbers in the next 3 months.


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