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How content and SEO boosted impressions and traffic for MoneyIsle?

Back in January 2021, MoneyIsle had 0 blogs, a few organic visitors, and no SEO strategy. Fast forward to Dec 2021, we managed to achieve 50+ first-position ranking blogs, 300+ Newsletter Signups, 1000+ Organic Leads, and 320,000+ Impressions.


A 32.6% profit increase with a simple hack: A case study

Back in Sep 2023, Chi-Ka had sales coming in through their regular ads with regular creatives that they used to boost through Instagram.


Fast forward to Jan 2024, we managed to achieve:

  • 32.6% increase in the sales

  • 28% increase in orders

  • 44% increase in website visits

  • And 286,104 AED in sales.

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