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How content and SEO boosted impressions and traffic for MoneyIsle?

Back in January 2021, MoneyIsle had 0 blogs, a few organic visitors, and no SEO strategy. Fast forward to Dec 2021, we managed to achieve:

  • 50+ first-position ranking blogs

  • 300+ Newsletter Signups

  • 1000+ Organic Leads,

  • 320,000+ Impressions

This is a case study of how we achieved that.



MoneyIsle - an India-based trading and investment platform.

The company has a smart clientele with thousands of daily users. Anybody who signs up on the platform can use their apps to invest in the stock market, and mutual funds, along with participating in IPOs. MoneyIsle didn’t have a blog page or an effective organic lead-generation strategy before we partnered with them.


Primarily, we needed to outperform our competitors across search engines.

We wanted to build the digital presence of the brand. The aim was to make MoneyIsle outperform competitors and build a strong presence in the finance space. We did that by two things - content and SEO.


What did we do to achieve our goals with MoneyIsle?

In our initial stage, we had zero blogs or keywords ranking for MoneyIsle.

So, in the last week of Jan 2021, we devised a strategy for the next 6 months - to rebuild the site from scratch.

Till June, we posted over 50 blogs in total. We didn’t even see any significant numbers till June. We were doing fine impression-wise still.

But something happened in July - we got a significant traffic boost through search engines.

We managed to increase the traffic and the number of clicks by almost 800% within the span of only 6 more months - Jul to Dec.


Lessons learned

MoneyIsle within the span of 12 months reached from 0 traffic to over 300,000 impressions. Most importantly, we managed to land more than 50 blogs in the first position of the search engine rankings.

So how did we do it?

  • Consistency - We maintained a regular blog posting frequency every month and made it rich with fresh and value-driven content.

  • Authenticity - The goal of the content was to build the authority of the website. That’s why we pushed informative and value-driven content to the readers.

  • Patience - The initial 6 months were nerve-wracking. We were growing very slowly yet we didn’t give up hope.

  • SEO - We had an in-house SEO team that helped us tweak our approach from time to time till we got it exactly right.

As our cherry on top, we received consistent backlinks from a lot of authors in the finance space - giving us the boost we needed. It all happened because they felt our content was valuable enough to mention in their own blogs.


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