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5 Quick Ways to Target Homeowners on Facebook

how to target homeowners on facebook

Facebook ad targeting is an effective method of reaching out to potential clients and making sales and booking consultation calls.

Acquiring customers through Facebook could be done easily when you understand the pain points of customers and utilize the right targeting options.

There are detailed and multiple methods on how to target homeowners on Facebook.

In this post, we will carefully examine each method to target homeowners on Facebook and provide you with the right tips to build your business.

Let’s get started.

1. Before Targeting, Understand Your Audience

A target audience is your preferred group of people that would potentially be your clients too.

For you to target homeowners, you might need to launch campaigns and build your credibility. However, before all that, you need to understand the traits of the homeowners you’re targeting.

You need to understand:

  1. What kind of projects are the homeowners interested in? Is it home improvement projects? Gardening? Or renovations?

  2. What is the demographic of your audience? Are these working people or retired? What income levels do they have? What age groups do they belong to? What location are they from

  3. What’s the right method to reach out to them? Sure you’re using Facebook for this but is Facebook the only platform they use?

Answering these questions will help you understand the ins and outs of your audience very well.

After you’ve identified the problems, the next step is to popularize your website with quality.

2. Build Compelling Landing Pages

A highly-converting ad campaign has two major traits:

A. An exceptional landing page

B. High-quality content

A. Creating a high-quality landing page

With platforms like WordPress and Wix quickly becoming one of the most popular CMS platforms, creating a landing page isn’t difficult anymore.

Your landing page needs to have the following features:

  • Design and Layout:

A perfect landing page needs to have a beautiful and action-driven layout. Keep your landing page clean, visually appealing, and make it match your brand identity. In fact, an AI tool like Pineapple Builder will make high-quality landing pages for you in less than a minute.

  • A prominent CTA

A website with content aimed at driving action is essential to build your business. A CTA like “Book a free call” or “Get a quote” will work much better than “Sign up now” or “Purchase now.”

  • Mobile-friendly

Having a mobile responsive website is essential for your business. Most of your potential clients will pour in through mobiles - which is why you need to have an equally compelling design for your landing page.

  • Data collection form

It’s very likely that all people on your landing page won’t convert. But it’s very likely that most of them will fill out a form to contact you down the line - ONLY IF YOU ASK THEM. Set up a lead collection form to gather data from your customers.

B. Creating High-Quality Content

Quality content is the backbone of every single website out there.

However, what your website also needs is a compelling copy to encourage purchases or conversions.

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Gather attention - Identify the interest of your audience in words. Home improvement, furniture cleaning, fixing leaky faucets, are all buzzwords to gather their attention.

  • Appeal to the problems - Rather than using words like “Book a call with us”, use a CTA like “Fix your upholstery now”. The more you appeal to problems, the better results you will get.

  • Keep your lines short and your words sweet - Simple, concise, and short sentences always win the attention of people. Take a look at this example of Apple’s copywriting that will prove it to you:

good copywriting on landing pages

great copywriting on landing pages

3. Utilize Facebook’s Advanced Target Options

Facebook has a great search filter that allows you to find people based on their location, age, or the line of work they are in - among other filters.

This allows you to focus on homeowners in particular parts of the world.

how to target homeowners on facebook organically

In fact, the targeting is so detailed that you can even filter people based on specific regions among particular countries.

With location-based targeting, you can narrow down your audience and hit them right where they live.

The next thing you can do is aim for behavior-based targeting. This allows you to target homeowners based on their behavior online - including their interests and preferences.

You can target owners that have shown interest in DIY projects, furnishing, or renovation. You can find these people in Facebook groups - also known as the goldmine for collecting leads.

Altogether, Facebook has a variety of organic target options that won’t even require you to spend money. But if you have a budget and lack the time to seek out leads, you can try the next step - running ads on Facebook.

4. Facebook Ad Targeting

After you have identified your target audience, built a compelling landing page, and utilized organic methods of targeting homeowners on Facebook, the next step is to launch ads.

Moving to the best part of targeting homeowners, you can always resort to spending money in order to make money.

You can achieve that by running ads across Facebook.

Here’s how you can create a compelling first ad on Facebook:

  1. Create an attractive image or video to capture the attention of your audience

  2. Keep a concise ad copy that immediately talks about what you offer

  3. Use the language that’s common among the area that you’re targeting

  4. Test multiple formats of ads to get the maximum results

  5. Experiment with different formats and placements to see what works best for your audience.

Facebook Ad targeting is a really effective way to build your business and get clients quickly. The better you do it, the more chances of success you’ll have.

5. Engage with Potential Customers

Your job of finding potential clients doesn’t quite end with running ads.

The next job is to engage with potential clients across Facebook and build your account engagement.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Respond promptly to all the messages and comments that you receive

  • Try to establish 24/7 support never to miss a chance to convert a potential client

  • After you connect with a homeowner, ask people to share their opinions and ask them questions

Homeowners could have multiple issues or queries about their homes.

In fact, there are so many domains that you could help homeowners with that you’d be bamboozled.

The goal of your engagement and your reach is to be the point of authority for these homeowners and provide them with the services and tips they need from time to time while building your own business.

Target Homeowners on Facebook

Now that you have the secret sauce of building a great relationship with homeowners across Facebook, the next step is to let professionals set up basic settings and hire Facebook page management services.

For that, we at GroGoliath are here to help.

We’re a team of professionals that have helped 100+ businesses in the past to grow and dominate Facebook with their services. And we can help you do the exact same.

Book a consultation call with us and we will reach back out to you.


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