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A Guide on How Can You Ensure Your Content Drives Action?

how to ensure your content drives action

Content marketing is an interesting domain of marketing that’s a combination of psychological and technical setups.

You own a blog or a website. You want your content to drive action and traffic.

So how do you achieve that?

In this blog, we will extensively talk about how can you ensure your content drives action.

Let’s get started. 🚀

The Importance Of ‘Quality’ Content

In case you’ve explored any of our previous blogs like SEO in blogs, you’d already know how important the content quality on your website is.

With the amount of content on the internet now, it’s challenging to stand out.

This means that the only trait that will compel your readers to take action is by producing actionable quality content.

Creating actionable content refers to producing such content that motivates your readers and users to take a specific action after they have finished consuming your content.

Whether the goal is to sign up for a newsletter, make your audience purchase a product or service, or increase sharability, producing quality content will help you do that.

In fact, if you want to become more SEO compliant, even Google released a guide on the importance of quality content to rank higher in the search results.

Let’s get you introduced to how your content will drive action from here on out.

1. Who are you writing your content for?

Answer this - Who consumes your content?

In fact,

  1. Who is your primary audience?

  2. What region and demographic are they from?

  3. Best-case scenario, would they purchase what you’re selling to them?

Anybody that produces content on the internet needs to understand who is going to consume it.

Not just their age, location, or gender, but other factors like identifying their search intent also is extremely important.

Once you identify the pain points, the next step is to create content that resonates with your audience.

This includes:

  • Speaking to humans and not search engine algorithms

  • Including relevancy in your content

  • Offering value, information, and genuinely solving your audience’s problems

2. How much effort goes into attracting users?

When anybody searches for a keyword in a search engine, there’s a list of results that would appear.

And the first AND ONLY thing that would make a user click on your website is how appealing your title and meta description are. It’s one of the core principles of SEO.

ensure content drives action

Crafting compelling headlines and writing the best meta descriptions is crucial to hooking your readers.

The most powerful method is to incorporate emotional triggers into your headlines.

Use words that evoke strong feelings or curiosity, like “Exciting”, “Efficient”, or “Realistic” to directly appeal to the reader's emotions - making them more likely to click through and read your content.

how to ensure content drives action

The next step is to master the art of the hook.

Keep your opening lines punchy, and short, and make it seem that you’re going to solve the problem of the reader by the time they are finished consuming your content.

We keep our introductions short and concise too. In fact, if you’re still reading this part of the blog - it means that the introduction made you stay and read the rest of the content.

The title of the blog and the opening lines play a very important role in whether people will consume the rest of your content or not.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, you'll be able to craft compelling content that drives action and keeps your readers coming back for more.

3. Building a content funnel

If quality content makes you discoverable, the structure of the content makes it presentable.

A presentable content funnel includes:

  1. An attractive title

  2. An intriguing introduction

  3. An informative body content

  4. The inclusion of references and resources

  5. A proper conclusion with a CTA

Most of your readers will skim through most of your content.

You can use content breaks, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs to help readers to explore your content.

Start using subheadings to break up your content. This allows readers to quickly scan through your content and appeal to shrinking attention spans.

Further, consider using images, infographics, or videos that can bring your information to life - making it easier for your audience to consume and retain information.

A perfect combination of visual and textual elements not only makes your content more presentable but also drives your readers towards the end of the content - THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR CONTENT.

4. Include a prominent Call-to-Action

It’s not a good feeling to witness a potential customer reach the end of your content and not take action, is it?

Whatever you’re selling, you want your audience to purchase it.

And how do you do that?

The answer is having a clear and compelling call to action (CTA).

A CTA means leading your audience toward taking action after they reach the end of consuming your content. This includes getting newsletter signups, booking consultation calls, or making a purchase.

So, how does a CTA stand out?

Your CTA depends on your placement. It doesn’t belong at the beginning of your content, not in the middle, but usually at the end of it.

Your content should build the hype up for your CTA. The more well-structured your content is, the more likely it is that people will click on your CTA. It should feel like a natural progression.

5. Testing and optimizing for better results

Your content marketing strategy involves constantly testing and optimizing your content.

Remember, what works for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Measuring the necessary KPIs like Click-through-rate and bounce rate can help you identify what's working and what's not.

To switch up your content game, you can even include videos and infographics that will help you reach a wider audience.

You can even keep going back to your previous content and keep updating it from time to time.

Small tweaks can make a big difference, which is why you need to be willing to adapt as needed.

Ensure Your Content Drives Action

Even though there’s no piece of content that could ever be deemed perfect, you can always keep tweaking your content and related strategies to improve the chances of driving action with your content.

Giving people a reason to click your CTA means your content needs to be compelling enough to drive action in the first place.

This is why we at GroGoliath, a comprehensive content marketing agency, are here to help.

Having worked with 100+ brands on their content, we can help you achieve the heights of content marketing success in no time. All you need to do is to book a consultation call with us and we will take care of the rest.


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