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5 Exclusive Tips to Improve Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Do you know that even if your content ranks on the first page of SERPs, it still won’t make a difference until people don’t end up clicking on your website?

A general lack of interest means an increased bounce rate and disinterest in content - ultimately preventing users from taking action from your content on your site.

To fix all these problems together, you need to focus on improving the organic CTR (click-through-rate) of your content.

And how you do that is something that we will discuss in detail in this post.

Let’s get started.

Understanding The Importance of Organic Click-through-Rate (CTR)

A click-through rate is a generally important KPI for understanding the success of content.

Let’s say you have a beautiful and well-crafted blog on the first page of the SERPs but nobody is generally interested in clicking it and reading your content. It means that your CTR is low and you need to immediately start fixing it.

For example, a keyword has 3,000 people searching for it every month.

Your website ranks maybe in the 3rd or 4th position of the search results for that particular keyword and receives 300 clicks but has about 3000 impressions.

By the formula,

CTR = Number of Clicks/Number of Impressions,

Which means,

Your Organic CTR = 10%.

An important metric that you should know is that the first search result for a keyword bags about 25% of the traffic. This means that you can’t give up on optimizing your CTR.

improve organic ctr

If you are planning to reach the #1 position in the search results, you need a great CTR.

Let’s tell you how you can achieve that.

5 Tips to Improve Organic CTR

While it may seem so, improving your organic CTR isn’t really all that difficult. All you need to understand is that it requires you to optimize different elements within your content to make your content more discoverable and clickable.

Here’s how you can do that:

1. Be extra picky in choosing your titles

Titles = Attention.

The well-crafted and attractive your title is, the more chances you have of getting more eyeballs from people across the internet.

The first thing that people discover your content through are titles - so you’d want to be extra crafty in putting them together.

So, how can you do that:

  • Using brackets

The use of brackets is almost like a hack to distribute your title and make it more appealing.

Ask yourself, which of the following two titles seems better:

  1. How to make money online?

  2. How to make money online? (9 Exclusive Tips)

Obviously the second one, right?

Adding a bracket to your titles adds that extra punch that it needs to attract those clicks.

using titles to improve organic ctr

If you have a guide or something like ‘10 actionable steps’, you can always find that it performs better than a regular bland title.

You can also use AI to build extra compelling titles.

Here’s an example:

improve titles with AI

  • Use numbers

Numbers will give your content the attention it deserves.

Let’s say somebody is searching for “Clean my car seats” and they come across the article “8 Quick Ways to Clean Car Seats Without Soap”, It’s a desired guide that they would want to check out.

Having numbers in your title makes your content seem more digestible and attractive.

  • Compel using emotions

The use of catchy words drives the most attention towards a piece of content.

The reason you probably landed on this article is that we used the word “Exclusive” in our title.

A mixture of all these three things will make your title stand out the most.

[Number] + [Your emotionally connecting word] + [Your Title]

2. Pay extra attention to meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are like Tinder bios - they give you a perspective about a piece of content.

meta descriptions to improve ctr

An attractive meta description is the key to garnering attention towards your content. The more clever (and concise) your meta description is, the more people are going to want to read your content.

Meta descriptions and titles together are the most powerful weapons in your arsenal.

So how do you write a compelling meta description?

Here’s a checklist that you should follow:

meta description checklist for seo

Write your own meta descriptions rather than letting Google generate them for you. This allows you to insert the focus keyword and present it the way you want.

3. No clickbait. EVER

A title that speaks one story and the content that speaks another story is like two parallel things.

The worst part?

A clickbait title won’t do your brand any good.

Even though a clickbait title might bring in momentary traffic, it ultimately ends up increasing your bounce rate and decreasing the average time on your site.

A common method to ensure you are satisfying the search intent of your viewers is to ‘underpromise and overdeliver’.

If you’re creating an actionable guide on something or building a step-by-step tutorial, make sure to attach extra information and bonus tips towards the end.

Most importantly, make your content appeal to the search intent of the people searching for a particular keyword.

4. Brand your content the right way

Most websites that you come across in the search results follow the following format:


Content branding is almost one of those things that Google looks at with a neutral perspective - which means it’s purely to appeal to humans, not search algorithms.

So why is it necessary?

Let’s say a user previously has come across your website and got what they were looking for from your website only, there’s a high chance that they would remember the name of your website at least.

Now let’s say this person again searches for something and they come across your search result. Chances are that they will click - hoping that you will solve the problem for them this time too.

  • Keep your branding towards the end of your title

  • Don’t add it in such posts that are long or if half of your title disappears in the search results

  • Don’t add it to every page of your website

5. Have a mobile-first website

More than 51% of your audience comes from smartphones and mobile devices.

That’s a significant portion of the internet that you could be leveraging.

Relying solely on desktop websites or optimizing your website for only desktop screens could mean that you’re giving up on a significant portion of a potential audience.

Google, over the years, has been trying its best to optimize websites for smartphones - which is why you need to include yourself in the same list too.

To optimize your site further, use the Google Lighthouse tool in order to see areas of improvement, understand what you could optimize, and generate more traffic and users to your website.

🔥 Bonus Tip #1 - Keep your content fresh and your titles short.

🔥 Bonus Tip #2 - Make your content seem like it will completely satisfy the search intent for every user.

Improve Your Click Through Rate

A great CTR means more leads, more traffic, and more traffic.

However, it’s not easy as there’s a lot to do in order to improve your existing CTR - especially if you’ve already posted a lot of content on your website.

This is why we at GroGoliath are the CTR experts.

We will help build your organic discoverability and improve the SEO of your website too. All you need to do is to book a consultation call will us.


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