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Does Your Website Need Compound SEO (or Not?)

what is compound seo - pros and cons

Have you ever wanted to improve the SEO of your website so much that you ended up leveraging every strategy you know of?

If yes, you’re somewhat familiar with Compound SEO.

SEO is a long-term process. However, once you get the discoverability and rankings you were aiming for, it’s not hard to scale thereafter.

So where exactly does compound SEO come into the picture here? And most importantly, what is Compound SEO?

Let us answer all this in this post.

Understanding What is Compound SEO?

By definition, compound SEO involves a mixture of different SEO strategies to ultimately build the discoverability of your website and make it more SEO compliant.

Compound SEO means leveraging link-building strategies, on-page, off-page, content optimization, and keyword research strategies to boost your search engine optimization.

compound seo methods

While it sounds appealing, there’s always a debate on whether your website needs compound SEO or not.

  • The argument with Compound SEO is that one group of people believe that it’s time-consuming and costly - ultimately not worth it.

  • The other group believes that with the competition in the SEO market right now, there’s no way you should leave any stone unturned to build your discoverability.

So, which side should you lean on?

To answer that, we need to understand the ins and outs of Compound SEO first - in detail.

The Pros of Compound SEO👍

Since Compound SEO is a combination of leveraging all SEO principles, it also means that there’s a higher chance of ranking your website.

In fact, a lot of websites that have been around on the internet for a while could very well benefit from leveraging Compound SEO.

Here’s exactly what it ‘could’ do for your online business:

1. Attracts traffic from various sources

Implementing different SEO strategies means that there are multiple opportunities for you to bring in traffic to your website.

Let’s assume that you’re using three different strategies to build your discoverability at the same time - link building, publishing high quality-content daily, and guest posting on other websites too.

  • Link building will build your authority.

  • Quality content will make your website trustworthy.

  • And, guest posting will put you on the map and improve your discoverability.

Multiple strategies mean multiple methods of attracting traffic. If it works, it will help you achieve sustainable results.

2. A comprehensive strategy

Since Compound SEO means leveraging multiple strategies, it also means that you get to witness a more holistic approach to addressing multiple aspects of SEO.

For a website that wants a 360 SEO marketing strategy, Compound SEO could be one of the best things it could resort to.

Most importantly, marketing and SEO agencies could also pitch Compound SEO to their clients in order to completely transform their SEO strategy and harness the maximum potential from search engines.

3. A long-term (and sustainable) SEO plan

Most businesses want such SEO solutions that could bring in evergreen traffic to their website rather than a sudden spike.

You don’t want to end up like Meta Threads.

meta threads popularity

Using Compound SEO means that you’re using all white-hat SEO strategies to reduce the risk of penalties and be at the top of search engines for the foreseeable future.

Now even though your content needs regular updation, a sustainable SEO strategy could not only help you build amazing discoverability but also reduce the risk of penalties from search engines.

4. A better chance of outranking competitors

When you put all the SEO ranking methods into your website, there’s a better chance of being discovered more by search engines.

The ability to rank well allows you to outrank competitors - especially the ones that aren’t using Compound SEO.

This means that SEO will start generating such results for you that not even paid ads could ever attract.

The Cons of Compound SEO👎

Even though Compound SEO seems a very important part of building the discoverability of your site, the truth is that it also has a few drawbacks which make certain marketers stay away from it.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. It’s an exhausting process

As attractive and result-driven as it seems, Compound SEO actually is a long, time-consuming, and exhausting process.

SEO in itself is a long-term process. But when you start optimizing all the elements like on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, you begin to realize that it’s going to be a while before you could implement all these strategies at once.

Most importantly, because of how thorough this process is, Compound SEO could also be expensive for companies - lowering its importance among small businesses.

2. A hard-to-measure model

So after you start implementing Compound SEO into your business, what is it that you’re going to track?

  • What KPIs exactly would you optimize?

  • Where will you begin?

  • And how would you analyze and monitor these KPIs on a daily basis?

Measuring the impact of individual strategies might not always be straightforward - which is why Compound SEO isn’t preferred by everybody.

3. Extra competitive

Major businesses around the world are resorting to a Compound SEO approach - resulting in fiercer competition and decreasing the chances for newer businesses to outrank them.

  • With Compound SEO, you need to be on top of every single change in your site

  • Have a dedicated budget to allocate to resources

  • Adapt according to search engine algorithms

  • Be the source of information in your niche

Does Your Website Need Compound SEO?

By this point, you know that:

  • Compound SEO could bring a lot of results - but it’s competitive

  • Compound SEO will attract traffic from different sources - but it’s an expensive strategy

  • Compound SEO is a profitable and evergreen process of building discoverability - but the results will also take a lot of time.

With these facts, you’d be able to properly assess how much time and resources you can dedicate to Compound SEO.

The Compound SEO game is fairly simple - put effort into the long run and witness the results.

However, there’s also a risk factor associated with it all the time. What if it doesn’t work out? What if your investment doesn’t bring enough ROI on marketing? Or what if you don’t have the investment to dedicate to it in the first place?

All these are questions you need to ask yourself before starting.

Partnering up with an agency like GroGoliath can definitely help you introduce yourself to professionals and experts from our team that have it doing it forever now. But before starting out, weigh in all the pros and cons and then make a sound decision.


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