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Does Your Business Require Local SEO Optimisation Services? (Or not?)

local seo optimisation services

Local SEO is an evolving service that could attract the most high-paying customers around the location of your business.

Even though on-page and off-page SEO are some of the best methods of building your online discoverability, local SEO is still one of the most effective ways to garner potential customers around you.

But the real question is, do you require local SEO optimisation services or not?

Well, we’re here to answer.

Let’s get started!

Understanding Local SEO Optimisation

We’ve already talked about the major SEO principles at length and how well they can build discoverability for your business.

However, local SEO is an entirely different ballgame.

Where being SEO compliant requires you to optimize your website for global traffic, Local SEO means building your discoverability and attracting the local traffic around your location.

There are no mass page backlinks or any major SEO tools that you need to achieve local discoverability.

Local SEO optimization is all about making your business more visible to people in your area by targeting a few particular keywords and optimizing your website in the same way.

But Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO is the backbone to be more present and accessible in the area around you.

However, it’s just not that. Local SEO has its own set of advantages that could completely revamp your online business.

Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Improved online visibility: Here’s a fact - If your business can't be found online, it might as well not exist. Local SEO optimization ensures that your business is showing up and being discoverable by the relevant local searches. This makes it easier for new people to discover you.

local seo optimization services
  • Target the right audience: Traditional SEO techniques are different than local SEO as it targets a broader audience. However, local SEO focuses on attracting an audience that’s specifically looking for business in a particular area. This builds your chances of conversions.

  • Better customer engagement: Local SEO is more personalized and narrow than traditional SEO. As you appear in the local searches, it leads to more chances of people in that area converting - providing you with more traffic from potential customers in your area.

local seo optimization services
  • A better conversion rate: Understand this - You are a business in an area and a customer is looking for a product or service in the same area where you exist. It’s not difficult to convert them now, is it? Because local SEO attracts customers who are actively searching for businesses in your area, the chances of converting them into customers are significantly higher.

Implementing Local SEO On Your Website

There are plenty of ways (and reasons) to implement local SEO on your website.

However, before you even consider doing so, ask yourself which part of the world you want to rank in. After you find that out, here’s what you do next:

1. Completely revamp your website content

When we discussed SEO in blogs at length, we understood how important your website’s content is for search engines to understand where your content should be the most discoverable.

For you to rank in a local region, your website content should include relevant local keywords that are going to reflect what your business is about.

local seo optimization services

2. Get listed in online directories

Yelp, Yellow Pages, or other places like TripAdvisor are one of the best directories to register your business in.

Because of their massive audience and convenience, a lot of people will end up discovering your business and boosting your local SEO efforts.

These directories will provide the additional exposure that you need for your business and improve your online visibility.

3. Create a Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a really helpful tool that helps you build a business profile and make you discoverable on places like Google Maps.

Not to mention, it also makes you more discoverable in local search results.

local seo optimization services

Google My Business puts your business on the map and helps you attract leads to make calls, visit your website, or find directions to your physical store.

4. Gather customer reviews - as many as you can

The more positive reviews your business receives, the more well-received your business seems to customers that discover you.

Positive customer reviews make your business look reputable and boost your local SEO rankings.

local seo optimization services reviews

You can ask all the customers to leave reviews on your online directories including Google My Business and respond to them promptly. The more reviews you have, the better your local SEO rankings.

Do You Absolutely Require Local SEO Optimisation Services?

Now that you understand the ins and outs of local SEO and how important it is for your business, it’s time to understand whether you need local SEO optimization services or not.

Well, here’s the thing.

While local SEO may seem somewhat similar to other forms of SEO, the truth is that it’s not.

Ranking locally across search engines is almost a necessity to grow your online business. Because of the competitive nature of the online industry, merely having a website isn’t enough.

Businesses trying to target local markets need to equip themselves with local SEO optimization services. Here’s why:

1. A more prominent visibility

Local SEO optimization = better online visibility.

With Google's emphasis on local search, having a robust local SEO strategy could be highly beneficial.

This is because it increases the likelihood of appearing in local "3-pack" listings and Google Maps, significantly improving visibility and foot traffic to physical locations.

2. A better experience and expertise

Local SEO agencies like GroGoliath are experts in boosting your local SEO presence.

The expertise and experience that a local SEO optimization service can bring to the table is unmatched.

Most importantly, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to local SEO. Every business needs a personalized local SEO strategy and agencies and local SEO services completely understand that.

3. Improved Target Audience Engagement

A perfect local SEO optimization strategy personalizes your content and delivers it to the right audience in the right areas.

By optimizing for location-specific keywords and phrases, businesses can resonate with their local customers more directly.

This means that people around your business location are likely to choose your business only to purchase their preferred product/service.

Businesses experience higher conversion rates because the searchers are often motivated to make a purchase or visit the store, leading to increased sales and revenue.

4. A cost-friendly solution

Local SEO optimization could be costly - especially since you constantly have to tweak your approach towards it.

However, as compared to methods like running ads or printing yourself over media, local SEO could potentially offer a more narrow and targeted approach that ONLY reaches people that could potentially become your customers too.

The only cost incurred to you is the fact that you’d have to partner with an agency or service to help you achieve this online success.

Build Your Online Discoverability With Local SEO

Local SEO optimization services have gradually become an indispensable component of a successful digital marketing strategy for businesses targeting local markets.

Since your emphasis is on building your online visibility and garnering a better conversion rate, a local SEO agency like GroGoliath is the perfect solution for your business.

Recently, we posted an SEO case study on how we helped one of our clients reach from 0 to half a million organic impressions in just a few months.

If you want a similar discoverability for your business, book a consultation call with us and we will help you unlock the real value and potential of your business.


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